Glob Meetings

Our Annual Glob General Meeting stands as a crucial event for members, affording them an exceptional opportunity to establish robust, long-term business partnerships while networking.


User-friendly tools

Our user-friendly tools not only foster collaboration and drive business growth among our members but also provide data-driven insights, leading to improved efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.


Our tools facilitate collaboration among members, enabling them to generate sales leads that contribute to increased profitability and business growth.

Always-On Customer Help

Our commitment to our members goes beyond the ordinary – we offer Always-On Customer Help, guaranteeing that their needs are met around the clock. Our 24/7 support is accessible through multiple channels, including phone, email, self-service systems, and more.

Unlimited Select Members

Prior to admitting new members into our network, we conduct thorough screening, reference checks, and assess their financial history and outstanding track record in the logistics industry. This comprehensive approach ensures that our members can forge commercial relationships with peace of mind and confidence in their partners’ credibility and reliability.

Protection Coverage

Our Protection Coverage guarantees your coverage for charged-off accounts up to USD 10,000, offering assurance in the unlikely scenario where a member of our network is unable to provide compensation.



The emblems offer a swift and effortless method for recognizing the prominent attributes of each member company, allowing others to categorize them according to their strengths and qualifications.

Data Insights

Glob has developed Glob Analytics, empowering us to efficiently make decisions within the business exchange by reviewing the network’s generated business data.


Glob has formed strategic alliances with renowned global logistics industry suppliers

Global App

Members can use our mobile app for easy tool access, company searches by country, and seamless communication with fellow members.

Global Branding

Glob enables the enhancement of visibility, credibility, and competitiveness, opening doors to international markets and strategically positioning the company for sustained global success. This is achieved through our marketing campaigns, including social media, email marketing, events, among others.

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