1. Membership Application Form

✓ To become a member of BLING LN, members are eligible to enroll with us without any exclusion based on market status, company size, specialist operations, and business life or existing agent/partner affiliations.

✓ Members need to submit a full application as posted on the BLING website irrespective of whether they have been introduced by a fellow member or not. The application form must be accompanied by a copy of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, the Business Registration Number, and shareholder’s identification, in the case of legal entities.

✓ BLING LN only accepts companies legally established in their respective countries. And BLING LN shall review the information in order to verify its veracity.

✓ Members must be local or regional companies with good reputations in their industry-specific operations and professional factors which must be verified through at least two references from both carriers, shippers, and other agents. BLING LN may request other documents if necessary.

✓ 3 years experience working in the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

✓ Members who already have membership(s) with other networks still qualify to be members of BLING LN.

✓ Members are encouraged to list down the certifications and/or licenses that they hold so as to promote their accreditations and expertise within BLING LN and to its members.

✓ BLING LN shall not disclose the rejection of any new member.

✓ Once approved the admission of a new member, BLING LN shall send the approval document (letter of acceptance) and the invoice for the first annual membership fee.

✓ The new member may withdraw up to seventy-two (72) hours (3 workdays) after the membership payment whereas BLING LN will only make a refund of 85% (eighty-five percent) of the value of the fee. The leftover amount of 15% (fifteen percent) will be considered as payment of administrative expenses, otherwise, no value will be returned.

✓ Members shall pay their Membership Fees promptly each year without delay when their annual renewal fees are due, besides, a reminder to make payment of the Membership Fees shall be sent by BLING LN annually. Members are advised to make prompt payment of the aforesaid fees when these fees are due.

2. General Rules

✓ BLING LN is an exclusive network of independent project freight forwarders and international logistics companies specializing in home removals, freight forwarding, transportation, logistics, customs brokerage, and related services to imports and exports.

✓ Members will have easy access to the contact details of other Members by logging into BLING LN’s website at www.glob-network.com where you will receive an account logon and an initial password. It is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account logon and password as well as any information published on the website; frequently update and revise your password, and promptly notify BLING LN if there is any unauthorized use of your account or any breach of security.

✓ Members shall update BLING LN of any changes in their contact details if there are any changes so that the Register is updated and current, being liable for any damage caused to other members or BLING by the inaccuracy of its information.

✓ A password-enabled platform where members may share their views, opinions, suggestions, and feedback as well as seek answers to their queries from other Members is available exclusively for BLING LN members.

✓ All notifications and communications between its members and BLING LN must occur exclusively via e-mail, in English. For this reason, all BLING LN members should always have in their office at minimum one person to handle communications who has an internationally acceptable standard of spoken and written English.

✓ BLING LN members should, whenever possible, use official company e-mail accounts for business and refrain from free sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. Thus, notice to the registered address shall be considered proof of receipt. It is the responsibility of members setting up their reading devices to accept email communications sent by BLING LN.

✓ When members fill out their profiles, including the information they deem appropriate. The information submitted should be examined by BLING LN, which can reject it or modify it, before or after, if not befitting the accuracy or contain offensive words or BLING LN legal and contractual policy.

✓ BLING LN will provide information related to the products and services offered by its members to business partners for the benefit of generating new business among them.

✓ The products and/or services offered by BLING LN are the exclusive responsibility of its suppliers, so the members will be solely responsible for all the actions that occur as a result of the negotiations among them and will assume all risks; exempting BLING LN from any liability that may arise.

✓ BLING LN will have no interference in the negotiations and relations between its members, where their interaction must be based on parameters of respect, courtesy, and good faith in the communication between them, in order to maintain a good business relationship and meet the needs of its members. The products and services offered by BLING LN members must be privately negotiated among the participants, based on effective communication, agreeing on certain parameters stipulated under a formal contract, where it is suggested that it must contain the obligations and responsibilities for each participant, as well as location, the currency of payment, etc. Bling is not responsible for any damages resulting from negotiations inside or outside the network between its members, since the main objective of BLING LN is to provide practical strategies for members to expand their business.

✓ BLING LN provides specific emblems to its partners based on an analysis and verification according to the fulfillment of the requirements established for the granting of the same. The emblems will be published in the profile of each member.

✓ The products and services offered by the members through the network, in addition to the actions carried out, are the sole responsibility of the same, excluding any type of responsibility to BLING LN.

✓ BLING LN accepts 5 Head offices per small and medium countries. For bigger countries like the USA, Brazil, China, Russia, etc. we accept up to 15 members. A head office should be understood as the main office, and a member can have an authorized branch in any other country, this is not understood as the Head office.

3. Termination and Revocation of Membership:

Membership of BLING LN shall be terminated in the event of any of the following circumstances:

i) Express request of the member by the written form in the period prior to thirty (30) days of the renewal of the annual fee;

ii) Non-payment of the initial Membership Fees within 30 days after advice that the member has been accepted for Membership;

iii) Death of a member operating as a sole proprietor;

iv) Breach or offense to any of the standards set out herein; v) any illegal act was done by the company or its shareholders;

vi) The member failing to maintain the high standards established by the BLING board which results in excessive numbers of Nonconformity being raised against it by other members;

vii) Disregard for maintaining effective members by written notification with a minimum period of 30 (thirty) days.

Viii) To harm the image and standing of BLING LN in the eyes of other members and/or the public. In the event of termination or revocation of Membership for whatever reason, it shall be preceded by notification granting 10 (ten) days, from the date when notification is sent, to the member to present his defense.

Under no circumstances BLING shall inform the reason for the revocation of any member and the use of trademarks must be immediately ceased by both the member and BLING LN. Members agree that all actions taken by the BLING LN Board in respect of Membership shall be final and binding and there shall be no mechanism to appeal such decisions.

4. Membership Fees.

Each member shall pay an annual fee as established on the website. All fees are payable for a 12month period from the date of acceptance and will include a Bank processing fee if funds are sent electronically to the BLING LN bank account. The services and access to members will be released through their usernames and password. The Membership will be automatically renewed for a further period of one year if BLING LN is not notified in writing of the withdrawal of the member within thirty (30) days prior to completing each year of membership.

Resignation or revocation of Membership during the year will not entitle Members to any refund of the Annual Fees and do not have access to new members’ full contact information, the benefit of partnerships through their own dashboard, as well as attending meetings or workshops sponsored by BLING LN.

5. Annual Summit:

Bling holds an annual summit once a year with the purpose of fostering engagement and making new business connections and interactions between our participants.

The Bling meetings are a great benefit for members because they allow our members to get to know the Network management staff and the current members. These meetings not only help achieve their goals but also help build solid relationships within the network.

A mandatory requirement of membership is to attend the Bling Annual General Meeting (AGM) at least once every two years.

Therefore, any member that does not attend the annual meetings for two consecutive years is subject to membership revocation. Of course, all circumstances will be individually evaluated and are at the discretion of Bling Network Management.

Each attendee or group of attendees who registers for the Bling Summit is subject to the terms and conditions stated.

6. Marketing and Design Assistance

Please note that as of August 1, 2023. Bling Logistics Network has implemented a limit of 5 marketing and graphic design campaigns per member annually. This adjustment aims to maintain the quality and efficiency of our services in light of the increasing demand and the growing number of members. By setting this limit, we strive to ensure that each member receives the attention and high-quality output they deserve. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this updated policy.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. Thank you for your continued trust in Bling Logistics Network.


7. Bling LN Payment Protection Plan

Payment Protection Plan (PPP) allows you to help cover charged-off accounts between Bling members that have paid the fee for this plan; besides, it also provides to communicate with the members about any anomalies shown so we as an association can make decisions on the members that do not fulfill our network financial responsibilities.

Through this Plan, Bling LN is committed to providing you monthly a list of Network Security Agency, highlighting every member’s updated status.

By having this Plan, we can significantly reduce the network’s exposure to dishonest forwarders to achieve the success of everyone.

Below are the guidelines we recommend you follow if you choose to participate in such a Plan:

  • For the first year of membership, members will be covered only for USD 5.000,00, after the first year of membership their quota rises up to USD 10.000,00.
  • As an ongoing commitment to helping protect your financial information from possible fraudulent activities, Bling LN offers a Payment Protection Plan to cover a maximum payment of USD 10,000,00 in total by year. Therefore, invoices more than USD 10,000,00 are not eligible to be claimed.
  • Members who join the PPP will remain protected by the plan if they are updated with membership payables (annual fee) and remain in good standing in the network.
  • The Payment Protection Plan is optional (not mandatory) but available to all Bling LN Members.
  • Membership Registration under the Payment Protection Plan is USD 500,00 per year. (Additional to Annual Membership Fee).
  • The Payment Protection Plan only covers only for freight charges such as the services and costs associated with the international shipping costs arising between Bling LN members.
  • Payment Protection Plan must not cover disputes caused by errors.
  • Members seeking participation in the Payment Protection Plan should submit their applications via the Bling LN Payment Protection Plan Form.
  • Bling LN reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions periodically for changes.
  • All members will acknowledge that they have read and understood the terms governing the PPP by filling out the form indicating to participate in the PPP.

Do not allow yourself to be lulled into a False Sense of Security with the Plans.

8. Payments & profit sharing:

Unless mutually agreed upon by members, invoices must be paid within 30 days from the date of issue, provided that both members have the Payment Protection Plan activated in their membership.

Any charges or payments owed and payable between BLING LOGISTICS NETWORK agents as per the monthly Statement of Account (SOA) must be submitted either by mailing a bank check that is acceptable in the country of receipt or by wire transfer to the bank account specified by the BLING LOGISTICS NETWORK agent. This payment must be made within a maximum of fifteen (15) working days from the receipt of the SOA.

9. Legal Liability:

BLING LN shall not be responsible for any damages or legal claims beyond the amount of the Annual Fee paid in the preceding year by the specific party. Members shall not, solely because of membership of BLING LN, be personally liable for any debts, obligations, or liabilities of BLING LN. All terms and applicable rules are governed by the laws of the state of Florida – USA. These Conditions and any claim or dispute arising out of this agreement shall be subject to Florida – USA law and regulation and the exclusive jurisdiction of Florida State – USA courts.

10. Copyright and trademark notices

All intellectual property contained in this IT Platform (Website) is owned by The Bling Logistics Network which may be advertising on this Website and such property is protected by copyright and/or trademark laws.

©2024 GLOB NETWORK Powered by IT

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